YOUTH 2007-2010 – JUNE 22ND 530-7 PM 

JUNIOR 2004-2007 – JUNE 23RD 530-7 PM 

SENIOR 6/1/2001-2004 – JUNE 24TH 530-7 PM 


All Star Competition Teams

*we are a proud member of USASF  The 5678! Competition Teams are a group of talented young dancers ranging in ages 7 to 18 years.  Each year, all students are required to attend evaluations in order to be eligible for the team. All team members dance 2 to 4 hours per week in addition to their other classes. Teams include the Mini All-Stars (ages 7-9, 2nd grade is by invitation only, 8-9 yrs do not have to try out), the Youth All-Stars (ages 10-12), the Junior All-Stars (ages 13-15), and the Senior All-Stars (ages 16-18).  Each team attends around 8 competitions per year and one or two conventions, and performs at various events throughout the Siouxland community. The 5678! Dance Studio strives to challenge its dancers in order for them to achieve their highest potential. Therefore, dancers on the 5678! Competition Teams are expected to be extremely committed to their team and must attend all practices, performances, and competitions. If you are interested or would like more information about the 5678! Competition Teams, please call the front desk at 605-242-5678 or email

Performance Pom Teams

The 5678! Performance Pom Teams are offered for ages 4 to 14 and focus more on performance rather than competition. The Performance Pom teams compete at 2 local competitions per year. There are cost per dancer for these two competitions as well as costume and pom pom costs as well. These groups begin classes in the fall and practice through mid-May. There are no tryouts or evaluations for the Performance Pom teams, however, new students may not register after October. If you are interested or would like more information about the 5678! Performance Pom Teams, please call the front desk at 605-242-5678 or email


Congratulations to our 2019-20 Competition Team Members!

Senior All Stars –  Courtney Barajas, Shana Berg, Celine Bernard, Maddie DeJong, Ella Graham, Annie Granaas, Isabel Gunderson, Audrey Hoekstra, Paige Klemme, Brooklyn Mace, Natalie Olson, Abby Poulsen, Megan Poulsen & Morgan Walchek

Junior Elite All Stars – Celine Bernard, Courtney Barajas, Shana Berg, Sophia Block, Sofia Carrigan, Maddie DeJong, Ella Graham, Morgan Higman, Audrey Hoekstra, Jozlyn Jones, Kailee Loofe, Kylie Olson, Alexandra Parks, Megan Poulsen & Lawren Volz

Junior Prep All Stars Jadylnn Behrens, McKayla Berg, Peyton Carlson, Kendy Delaney, Tenley Hansen, Aurora Happe, Adyson Johnson, Grace Power, & Gracie Strong

Youth Elite All Stars – Payton Bernard, Ella Chamberlain, Ashley Jelken, Brennyn Jensen, Josie Hall, Gracie Hamilton, Morgan Higman, Ava Merchant, Alexzandra Nelson, Avery Oligmueller, Sammie Pollema, Macie Poulsen, Bridget Saltzman, & Suri Uhl

Youth Prep All Stars – Kyla Bacan, Ashline Beavers, Anna Brownell, Olivia Brownell, Isabella Burhoop, Maddie Farrens, Destiny Hansen, Cadence Irwin, Lucy Linden, Marissa Loe, Adalie Major, Heavenly Martin, Gianna Pawlick, & Lila Ward

Mini All Stars – Claire Avery, Elizabeth Avery, Alexis Bauer, Austyn Britton, Grace Cheever, Christine Daniels, Bristol Hodgins, Ava Hutchinson, Alaina Jansen, Lexi Jansen, Alli Jorgensen, Kendall Koch, Vail Krage, Violet Krage, Mya Loe, Amrah Martin, Samantha Nelson, Katie Regino, Lily Sorenson, & Jordan Wisner

Open International All Stars – Maddie DeJong, Cassie Hansen, Jozlyn Jones, Paige Klemme, Gabbie Jansen, Brooklyn Mace, Madison Mahr,
Thomas Nguyen, Natalie Olson, Abby Poulsen, Morgan Walchek, & Jenna Winkler